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Hey Guys ! Freekin Freddi here,I had a great time at  Experience Long Island 2009, if you were not there, YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN ! But I'm gonna be nice and share some photos and comments from folks who were there, cuz that's the kind of guy Freekin Freddi is.

Mr. Fringey says "The venue is one of the best on the entire fringe circuit. At the center of the venue hub is the Tilles center and the other fringe venues spoke out from the center within the same building. Walking from venue to venue is a breeze. The Tilles center is a beautiful state of the art performing arts facility (One of the nicest I’ve seen in the country) that seats about 3,000. It comes with a professional, extremely well-trained tech crew, ushers that wear the monkey outfits and a box office that you’d expect to find when buying tickets for the opera. Where most fringes feel like a bunch of hippies collecting money in envelopes and passing along moonlighting band sound guys to run your tech, this fringe makes you feel like a rock star."

"I think it was a great idea. The effort to try and build up the LI Arts community and audiences for smaller and local groups is commendable. The administrators were friendly and clearly worked really hard. The technical staff and resourses was excellent." Dance Visions













"The turnout was not as large as I expected.  I believe we the artists did not get adequate time for promoting our productions on air or throughout the college.  What I did like was the little theatre and our permission to sell our products.  That was cool.  Next year will be better.  Thanks for having us." Potpourri of Color




"'The Acts", what I was able to see in person ,were for the most part, ok! The warning Bob gave just before the 'Three Gay Guys" act, should have been a bit more severe because of the kids that were there...That was pretty bad!
Steve Adelson was great as always.
Never did get to see Tim and his band. How'd they do?" Ken Paresi



"All in all for a first try

Just Left of Center thought

you did a great job. It

was a little long. We did

however enjoy having the

blocked time for our

performance and again

we wanted to thank Bob

and Debbie for putting

everything together.  We

 had such a great time and

look forward to applying next year."

Just Left of Center 

   "Thanks so much for your hard work, artisitc vision and commitment to the “Arts Outside the Box”! I appreciate how difficult it is to pull off such a large scale event. You both have great hearts. I was delighted to help inaugurate this Fringe Festival. I would have liked an easier website to navigate for the daytime festival and with more promotion for them. The evening shows were well touted- but more emphasis – with links to the daytime performers and their websites -- would be better for the future. The main programs were nowhere to be seen. They should be very visible around the Box Office especially. Well, you asked for feedback and here it is. I wish you all success for the future and please keep in touch. I hope you will publish the results of this survey."  Judith Heineman  Clutter Chaos Creativity and the Collyer Brothers


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