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Slim Cook


Ever since I began wearing masks for Halloween as a child, I have been fascinated by the concept of masks and their ability to instantly transform the wearer in to someone or something else. In the context of theater, actors use their skills and craft, their own artistry, to transform themselves into another character. But when they put on a mask they are able to use someone else’s skills and artistry in combination with their own to make that transformation. In my installation I have included examples of how Masks allow actors to not only portray different people, but also animals (Lizard, Firebird and Lion). Inanimate objects (Sun and Moon) as well as abstract concepts (Comedy, Tragedy and War), different cultures (African and Ancient Greek) and mythical icons (Medusa and Devil).

I would like to thank Nada Marjanovich, publisher & editor of Long Island PULSE Magazine for loaning some of the masks in this exhibit from her private collection .         











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