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Spirit of Movement

The call went out for art to be
The spot was picked for all to see
The Atrium will be the place
to show the world our art in space

Theater, dance, a moment, a chance
to feel & capture as we move
This task I'd have to prove
Silhouettes depict in flight
show the movement within the light
Fashioned from vinyl, metal & glue
A display, a performance on view for you

My love of life, My joy to create
Hopefully you will understand what I state
We go through life without a net
trying so hard to have, to get

Success is reached when we don't fall
Our goals & dreams when we answer the call
Show us your best it's on display
Hope you enjoyed my art today.


I’m obsessively driven to create and in this particular piece, I wanted to capture movement - movement through space, Spirit of Movement. Originally, aluminum was the material of choice, but, proved to be difficult to acquire in the correct dimension. The concept developed into using heavy weight vinyl with an aluminum armature. The result was the 5 black, silhouetted, "life sized", figures bounding upon trapeze that you see above you. I seem fond of the silhouetted form. Lately, many of the images for my creations, whether 2D or 3D, have been silhouettes. To help capture the mood of theater and because the Atrium has great light, I chose to add the very fine micro glitter to the surface of the figures to reflect the light and enhance the “Spirit of Movement.”

Debra Ann Kasimakis     August 2008




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