Pandagraphics Design Studio



Adam Brown


We are very excited to finally show you the first piece to hang in the Atrium at Tilles Center for the Performing Arts. The Artists Group was enlisted by the Executive Director of Tilles to gather together artists who would be interested in taking part in a rotational art exhibit, Art Under Glass, which would showcase local artists and the new atrium space at Tilles. As a result of that search three designs were selected for consideration. This first piece is however part of the Sculptors Guild show currently being held at The Hillwood Art Museum. We hope to see the first installation by an Artists Group member in the fall of this year, Bion is a collaboration between Adam Brown and Andrew Fagg. These gentlemen are members of the faculty of Oklahoma University in the art and engineering departments respectively and they have created the largest robotic sculpture to date. The flashing lights and sounds emitted by the sculpture change with the presence of people in the room. Enjoy the shots but they do not do justice to the piece it should be experienced live. Bion will be on display at Tilles through the end of April. Come to the CW Post campus and check out Bion and the entire show at the museum.



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