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Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue

Providing Outstanding Care to Horses and Ponies

Horses are God's Magnificent Creatures

We treat them with the Love and Respect they Deserve

This rescue began in June of 2005 in memory of Rascal...the love of my life. Love does not die.

As of November 2009 we have SAVED 101 horses, ponies and mules primarily from SLAUGHTER! 99% of our time is spent CARING for the horses and the small farm animals totaling 116, so please FORGIVE the delays in updating the website! We refuse to waste countless hours sitting in front of a computer when the horses need us!!! Phone if you are wondering about a specific horse that has not been updated yet! We would LOVE to hear from you! We occupy 6 separate locations throughout the eastern Hamptons, one small sanctuary in Ohio and our dream is to find the one location which could house our entire sanctuary and be accessible to the community. Please contact us if you too believe our next generation needs to be taught to treat all living beings with dignity and if you believe all "blue collar" working equines deserve the right to retire in peace and comfort. Join our mission to save, educate and ultimately change the world for the animals. One horse at a time.

Our mission is to save slaughter bound horses, ponies and mules, rehabilitate them as necessary and give them a second chance at life and love. We look for forever homes and offer sanctuary for as long as needed by each individual horse. We stand and speak for the horses, especially the equine work force. The racehorses, show horses, police and carriage horses, lesson horses and therapeutic horses no longer able to perform. We are often their last hope.

Domestic horses are the most dependent of ALL animals and yet receive the LEAST support

99 horses have come into Amaryllis. Countless additional horses have been fed or supported in some way by Amaryllis. A plethora of small animals have found their safe haven within our walls. We currently feed and care for 52 horses just on the east end. The beaten, abused and almost destroyed equines live in peace with us. The old have found their golden retirement THEY WERE ENTITLED TO after years of strenuous work. The young we saved have grown nicely and are in training for their forever homes. The injured have every need met as they heal. The lost souls are able to find themselves and still be loved for who they are.

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You can make a difference in a Horse's Life
Saving horses requires skill, time, supplies, love, patience, and donations!
Any donation or gift is deeply appreciated by the horses!

Please sponsor a horse, pony or mule! Perhaps a duck, chicken or pig? Maybe a bunny? Every animal needs a friend, care, love, support and a trusted human. Can you be that human? Will you say "yes, I will be there for you" to an animal? We do. We also require your help to continue to say yes to them. One person or 20 can organize and sponsor an animal in need. They are here. They are hoping one day they will stand out in the crowd and be noticed by someone who will really care and want to make a difference for them. Say yes today. Now. Please.
"Rabbit Revenue" Please sponsor one of our 3 resident bunnies for $10 a month!
"Bucks for Ducks" Please sponsor one of our ducks for $10 a month! Ducks are available for adoption!
"Henny Pennies" Please sponsor one of our chickens for $10 a month!

We are now in urgent need of your financial support


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